For nearly two decades, hundreds of satisfied home buyers have contracted with VanDeman Builders for their new custom homes. Value, dependability, and flexibility have been the trademarks of a quality VanDeman custom built home.

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The Custom Home Difference


Many mass-production homes claim to offer customization for their repetitive plans. The truth is, buyers still get much less for their investment dollar in the production home community.
Custom homes tend to increase much more significantly in value because they are truly “one of a kind." Unlike tract homes, where every sixth house is a replica of the one down the street, custom homes offer the true potential of superior quality, while yielding greater investment value. Oftentimes, homeowners of mass produced or semi-custom homes even find it difficult to sell when it comes time to move. This alone should stimulate savvy buyers to consult a reputable, custom builder before spending hundreds or thousands of hard earned dollars.


The top 10 things to avoid when building a NEW HOME

Many people who are building a new home have no idea about all the hidden things that might occur prior to and during the building process. We, at VanDeman Builders Incorporated, have put together a list of the "Top 10 things to avoid when building a home." Come and see how easy a VanDeman home can be.....
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