When Brian first began building homes in 1987, he did whatever labor was necessary to get his homes completed. It was hard work, but it gave him valuable hands-on experience in most of the trades such as framing, insulation, drywall, roofing and interior trim. It’s a little different today. Brian now sees his role as that of an organizer, delegating roles and responsibilities to the right people. He explains, “I don’t build homes, I supervise the building process. Because trades today are so specialized, one of the most important keys to running a successful home building business is having a good team of conscientious subcontractors. Mine are second to none. Most have been with me for a long time and they know how I want things done.”
--Brian VanDeman

Testimonials from satisfied VanDeman customers

  "We love our new home. People warned us about the nightmare of building, but VanDeman Builders proved them wrong. From choosing plans to helping us pick everything out, they made it fun and easy. Our friends comment on the workmanship, and the extras really show. Everyone in Brian’s organization was helpful and easy to work with. We are so thankful and happy that we chose VanDeman Builders to build our beautiful home."
-Kevin and Cheri C.



"We have been in our home for 1 1/2 years, and given the opportunity, we would build again with VanDeman Builders. Brian builds a quality home at an affordable price. Every person we dealt with in his organization was honest, upfront, informative and very accommodating. All efforts were made to keep things going smoothly and they didn't forget about us after the closing. They have always been willing to take care of any inconveniences and answer any questions."
-Mike and Mary H.

  "When we retired, we chose VanDeman Builders to build our new home in the United Methodist Community in Franklin. What an exciting and pleasant journey we had! The home was completed when promised. Wow! This was not our first new home, but Brian was, by far, the best builder we ever had. We got everything we wanted. We are very proud of our retirement home and have had many compliments on the way it was built. Brian showed love, concern, and patience with us. He is one of the most giving persons we have ever known."
-Jackie and Bob M.