The Custom Home Builder

Many custom home buyers find the process of designing their new dream home both rewarding and challenging. The VanDeman Builders team specializes in assisting homeowners through this process.
It is true that some home buyers know exactly what they want, but many are grateful to have Brian VanDeman's experience to expedite the process. Brian understands that great home design must promote efficiency and value while maintaining structural integrity and practical livability.


The Process:

  1. Initial personal meeting with the builder.
    Discuss dreams, plans, budgets, and options.
    View other plans and/or homes under construction.
  2. VanDeman designs preliminary “blockout” floorplan to fit the lot, budget, and the home buyer requirements.
  3. Second meeting with the builder. Review the plans and make adjustments.
  4. VanDeman designers adjust plans and create an exterior elevation at the direction of the builder. A drawing deposit is placed with the builder.
  5. Approval of plans, specifications, and budget. If decision is to build now with the agreed upon price and terms a contract to build is signed.
  6. Proceed with plan completion, foundations, all elevations, and schematic drawings. Obtain financing, permits, and architectural approvals as needed per county and subdivision locations. Make material and color selections with the VanDeman staff.
  7. Commence construction.