Top 10 things to AVOID when buying a new home
    There are many things to consider when purchasing or building a new home. The VanDeman team has put together the top ten things to avoid when purchasing your new home. Contact VanDeman Builders for a quote to buy or build your dream home.....  

Top 10 Things to AVOID when buying a new home.


1.) AVOID the temptation of looking at the surface.
The structure is what counts. Look for a solid, well built home with structural integrity. You can always change the colors and furnishings.

2.) AVOID Extremes of “Trendy” designs
Traditional designs and floorplans are usually easier to sell when it comes time to move, thus, they make for better investments.

3.) AVOID Neighborhoods where many homes look alike.
Discriminating home buyers know that lifestyles are usually better in a custom home neighborhood, as well as resale value.

4.) AVOID Financing schemes as the primary reason for purchasing.
Some buyers fail to look at the quality and builder reputation because of the lure of the rate buydowns or negative amortization loan offers. Low payment does not equal good value.

5.) AVOID Temptation to substitute quantity for quality.
“Lots of square feet” must not be traded for a well built home. Some builders skimp on the quality to offer a bigger house. Be careful here!

6.) AVOID Promotional Offers.
THERE ARE NO “Free Upgrades” or “Free Basements.” The cost of EVERYTHING is “buried” in the deal. NOTHING IS FREE!

7.) AVOID “The Special Warranty” pitch.
Indiana state law requires all builders to offer a good standard warranty. Sometimes builders pitch a warranty offer instead of truly building a real quality home.

8.) AVOID The Inexperienced Builder.
Experience is costly but a good reputation is worth paying for.

9.) AVOID the builder who promises absolute perfection.
Building a new home is exciting, but it may still be challenging. Materials and the people who install them are imperfect. Believe the builder who tries to fix problems rather than pretends they don’t exist.

10.) AVOID the Temperamental Builder.
Home buyers will live with their decision for months or years. Build with someone you like. Build with someone who is flexible and easy going. Build with VanDeman Builders.